Church ablaze over human sacrifice

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Last night in Kaduna angry youths set ablaze a Celestial church of God, following the death of a boy unproven to have been sacrificed by the pastor of the church..

Accounding to Leadershipng, the angry youths who also engaged the police set ablaze the Narayi police outpost in the was gathered that the deceased was serving as a mason to the pastor who was building a demarcation beside a river close to the church when all of a sudden the boy fell into the river and died.

The pastor was said to have immediately ran to a nearby police outpost to report the incident. Meanwhile angry youths who heard of the incidence unproven that the white garment church pastor may have used the boy as a sacrifice and immediately muster and burnt down the church.

The youths also toon to the street protesting the killing and demanding to see the pastor who was said to have been taken to Barnawa police station. Some protesting youths were said to have been arrested.


One Reply to “Church ablaze over human sacrifice”

  1. This is confusing… I didn’t c any foul play here, the boy fell into the river so what has that got to do with sacrifice..naija mentality!


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