Mike Ezuruonye Impersonator caught by EFCC

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The impersonator of the actor Mike Ezuronye was caught by the EFCC.

The Nollywood actor who was accused of being fraudulent and wicked by a fan trying to prove his innocence, went into ‘James Bond’ mode and discovered more than one impersonator collecting large sums of money from his female fans, allegedly using his image and videos

Mike Ezuruonye then went ahead to petition the police on how some ‘sharp’ people are collecting money ‘on his behalf’.

Luck ran out on one of the culprits who was caught by the EFCC. The man who was identified as Osigbovo is from Benin CIty in Edo State.

It would be recalled that in December 2017, Mike Ezuruonye was accused by a female fan of being a robber on Facebook.

The actor responded immediately, and explained that she would have been duped by one of his social media impersonators. He wrote;

“My dear..Pls im sure a fraudster must have used fake videos to deceive u cos I guess this is why u are here trying to spoil my name..Hmn..Go down my page and see warnings and photo and video examples …

“I have privately caught caught some boys but cos of strategics they haven’t been exposed yet as due process is needed ..But trust me 3 men are already in Jail and one awaiting trial for this fraud…The Inspector General of Police office ,Nigeria and other Police authorities internationally are aware”


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