South African mob burns Nigerian man alive

In the xenophobia attack in South Africa, a Nigerian man know as, Clement Ebuka Nwaogu has been burnt alive by a mob.

The Publicity of Secretary of the Nigeria Union in South Africa, Habib Miller said, the victim, a native of Njikoka in Anambra and an upholsterer in South Africa was attacked and killed by a mob in Rustenburg, North West Province..

Miller said the victim was murdered in cold blood over his accent and habit, which the mobsters supposedly found offensive. The mob descended on him like a common criminal with all sort of weapons in the presence of South African police officers..

Eyewitnesses say the victim beckoned for help from the police to intervene and help him, but they turned a blind eye. When Nwaogu could no longer persevere, he ran for safety; the mob chased and caught him, “poured petrol on him and set him ablaze, he said. He later died at Job Shimankane Hospital.


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