Daughter impregnated by her Father

50-year-old man, Taiwo Oyelabi arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for impregnating his 21-year-old daughter, Nibila, has blamed her for the incestuous act.

He said:”She was the one who seduced me, she kissed me and I warned her. A particular day, she grabbed me and was trying to have sex with me. I beat her up but later I fell for it and slept with her, it was the devil that made me do it.

According to Oyebi, Nibila and her twin were abandoned by their mom when they were 2years old, adding that his siblings took them from him until last November when they brought them back…

After sleeping with her the first time, Oyelabi said he reported the incident at the Celestial Church where they performed deliverance on him, “but after two weeks, she reported the same action again and we slept together.

Then I was security man at Obadore. Each night I want to leave for work, she would say she can’t sleep alone that she was scared. So I used to take her to my workplace and we would also have sex there at night.

It was my landlord who leaked the news of our sexual affairs. He did it because we had an argument. I did not know that my daughter was already three months and few weeks pregnant. I was not the one who deflowered her..

She was not a virgin when we started we started having sex, she had a make friend, Azeez. I do not think I am not responsible for her pregnancy because I was not the only one sleeping with her. I wanted to commit suicide when I learnt of the pregnancy, I tried to kill myself three times but I was stopped by people.

According to police commissioner Imohimi Edgal, the suspect was arrested by operatives attached to Igando police Station, adding that the matter was latter referred to gender section of the command for detailed investigation..


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