Nigerian gang leader arrested for drugs and firearms offenses

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Oluwatobi Sunmonu, 26, A member of an organized crime network who modelled himself on real and fictional gangster has been arrested as a result of an intelligence-led investigation carried out by the Met’s Trident and Area Crime Command.

On May 20 2017, officers searched a room at the Queens Hotel Bayswater where they found four bags which contains- Five handguns, One semi automatic firearm, One silencer, A large quantity of live ammunition, A large quantity of component part of ammunition, A large quantity of (Cocaine and Heroin) the drugs were valued at approximately £152,000.

Detectives also discovered a false driving license in the name of Thomas Corleone, Detectives believed Sunmonu modelled the structure of his gang and the way he conducted his criminality on both real and fictional gangsters..

The picture on the license was sunmonu, who they identified after reviewing CCTV at the hotel. A book titled “The Supreme Team” was found locked in Sunmonu’s safe which detail the rise of an organized crime syndicate in New York City in the 1980s..

Throughout the course of the investigation, detectives uncovered an Organized Criminal Network (OCN) divided into two areas of business – the supply of firearms and ammunition, and the supply of hard drugs..

Sunmonu oversaw the criminality, and was charged with 7,;1 count of conspiracy to enable others to posses a firearm with intent to endanger life;2 counts of Class A drugs with intent to supply (cocaine and heroin).


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