Chris Brown sued by a lady who was unprovenly assaulted, raped, abducted in his house

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Chris Brown has been named in a sexual assaulted lawsuit. The details of the lawsuit were released on Wednesday night, after the alleged victim held a press conference earlier in the day.

The victim says Brown was presiding over what is being described as “drug fueled orgy” at his Los Angeles mansion. The woman claims two of his associate sexually assaulted her at the party..

Attorney Gloria Allred filed the suit on Wednesday morning, on behalf of a young woman who says Brown and fellow rapper “Young Lo” held her against her will at Brown Los Angeles Mansion back in February.

She says”Brown and Young Lo invited me to an after-party, but then unproven took my phone and would not let me leave.

Eventually we ended up at Brown’s home where Brown handed out drugs and drinks. Meanwhile my mother got worried and tracked my phone to Brown address.

She then called the police, but Brown wouldn’t let the officers in.I was trapped in a bedroom where someone assaulted me.

Allred says the case is still open and presumably being investigatee by the police, although neither Chris Brown nor Grissom have been charged.


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