Teenager sentenced to death for killing husband

A Sudanese teenager was sentenced to death by a court for stabbing her husband for raping her.

Noura Hussein,19, was forced into marriage by her parents to marry her cousin when she was only 16-years-old and was forced to sign the marriage contract in 2014, which she then escaped to a relative’s house in eastern Sudan before the weeding ceremony was completed.

She was away for three years, but her father found her and tricked her into returning to the marriage, which Hussein refused to have sex with her husband after she was returned to him.

After six days of refusals, her husband recruited sole of his cousins to help him hold her down so he could rape her..

He succeeded the first time, but the second time he attempted to rape her again, she stabbed him to death and ran to her family, who now handed her over to the police..


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