Baby born by teenager who was impregnated by her dad, has been sold by midwife

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Regina Ibeto, 50-year-old, who allegedly operates a fake medical centre in Ajangbadi area of Lagos state, has been arrested for child trafficking…

Regina said, she was compelled to sell the boy because his mother told her a pathetic story of how she got pregnant.

The suspect said,”I was at home when a lady brought in Buki who was due for labour…

The lady told me a story of how Buki’s father put her in the family way and she (Buki) wanted to do away with the pregnancy as it is a product of abomination…

She was 16-years-old at that time; I felt she was too young for such embarrassment, so I spoke with a woman named Udoji Chukeunonye, who was looking for the fruit of the womb to buy the baby..

Luckily, Buki delivered a baby boy who we sold to Chukeunonye. I gave Buki part of the money to start a new life and advised her to stay away from her father.

The Lagos State Commissioner of police, Imohimi Edgal, said police operatives found Ibeto administering intravenous injection (drip) on one Oju Nnamdi, who claimed to be ill and was five months pregnant..

She later confessed that the baby was sold for N250,000. The baby was retrieved from her and taken to the hospital, while Buki herself is being trailed for arrest,”Edgal said..


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