Bridge built by Gov. Rocha administration collapse in Owerri

Bridge built at the Children amusement park, at the Ikemba Ojukwu Centre in Owerri, has collapsed..

According to reports by the NEWS Agency Of Nigeria, no one was found dead nor injured in the incident which caused pandemonium and gave room for criticism by some parents whose children visited the place on 27 May, during the children’s day celebration..

The bridge, being a major tourism site, has been used to generate funds for the state government. When contacted, the State Commissioner for happiness and purpose fulfillment, Ogechi Ololo said she is yet to be briefted on the cause of the incident..

“It is unfortunate that this is happening in the state, especially at a place that is supposed to be a recreation centre. I thank God that it happend in the night when people were not around; otherwise, there might have been casualties..

I urge the state government and engineers working on construction project in the state to be more dedicated and thorough, said by an eyewitness, Mrs Mary Nlemadim


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