Benin prince arrested for duping 250 job seekers over $54k

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Benin prince and his accomplice have been accused of scamming hundreds of job seekers out of thousands of dollars by promising high paying gigs in New York..

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said 31-years Eweka Osmond, a Prince from a royal kingdom in Nigeria and his friend Kamel Mckay, 27, pretended to run two consulting firms in Manhattan telling clients that if they pay a fee, they would be placed at various jobs across New York City..

Prosecutors said some of the jobs McKay and Eweka promised their victims were for hotel housekeeping and front desk receptionist….

Eweka has appeared in a Manhattan court on Thursday, where he plead guilty to charges of larceny and scheme to defraud..

Prosecutors said they would invite their victims to their office for an interview and then have them pay a fee between the rang of $300 and $700…But in reality, there was no such job..

After collecting the money, the men would send the job seekers to different businesses, where they were turned down by employers who weren’t expecting them…

The victims then found out that they could no longer get in contact with the alleged fraudsters or the consulting firm.. According to authorities Eweka and McKay duped 250 people…

They ran the alleged scam from January to June 2018.. Both men were indicted on charges of larceny and scheme to defraud…

Mckay was arraigned last week and released on $200,000 bail.. In 2016, Eweka got married to Attorney Imade Igbinedion in an elaborate wedding ceremony in Nigeria..

The Newyork Times reports


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