Rev Father accused of raping an 11-years old girl

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A pedophile priest has been accused of raping an 11-years old girl in his car has claimed that he thought “the child was older”, and the ” devil forced him”, into committing the crime..

The 70-years old Rev Father Paolo Glaentzer said, “the devil gave him a trip, when he was arrested last month for allegedly molesting an 11-years-old girl in his Car in Italy..

Despite being accused of child molestation, Paolo was not jailed by the court, instead he is being held on house arrest pending the investigation..

When questioned by the Italian Newspaper, the disgraced priest said he was very sorry for what happened to the girl, but pinned the blame on Satan arguing that the devil tripped him..

Paolo has also claimed that his encounter with the girl was an “exchange of affection”, that spiraled out of control, adding that his victim seemed ” much more matured than she was.

He also said, “I found out she was 11-years-old… I thought she was at least 15years. The journalist interviewing the priest noted that he seemed totally unphased by the ongoing criminal case, and insisted that he has entrusted himself” to Jesus and Mary”..


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