19years old boy found guilty of murdering and raping a 95years old woman

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Mabope Phumzile’s trial has brought out horrific details of his crime to light.

According to an account Mabope gave of his crimes after making a plea deal with the state, he jumped over a brick wall in February last year with the intension of stealing avocados, finding the home to be open.

While he was going through the 95years woman, Maria Vermaak’s belongings, she returned home, Mabope admits of strangling her, hr claims to have returned later with the intentions of having sex with Maria’s corpse, as he thought she was dead..

Jude Dayalin Chetty disputed Mabope’s account, finding that the victim was clearly alive when assaulted by Mabope and saying that “he does not believe the perpetrator’s claims..

Dayalin said, ” I am satisfied that the deceased was, to the knowledge of the accused, alive when he raped her and that his denial to the contrary can summarily be rejected..

Mabope was found guilty of 12 charges, including rape and murder..


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